Creative activities for children during the Independence Day of Ukraine celebrations

IOM Bulgaria took part in the celebration of the National Independence Day of Ukraine organised by Ukrainian Hive educational and integration center in front of the National Theatre in Sofia. The festive day gathered hundreds of people who have fled the war in Ukraine and many locals. IOM Bulgaria participated by providing support with the logistics and organising creative activities for children.

children during creative activities

The atmosphere was full of joy and excitement, with children laughing and playing as they designed and crafted colorful textile dolls and drew pictures with crayons. The sounds of Ukrainian songs filled the air as everyone celebrated together, bringing a sense of connection and belonging. It was clear that the event had brought the community together and provided a moment of respite and hope for the refugees, despite the challenges they have faced

a girl showing a handmade doll

These activities were implemented with the financial support from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

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