Easter workshops for refugee children from Ukraine

As Eastern Orthodox Easter approaches, IOM Bulgaria's local response team is actively reaching out to the community in the Burgas region, home to the largest number of people displaced by the ongoing war in Ukraine.

easter egg

In various locations across the region, Easter workshops have been organised for refugee children who fled the turmoil of war. Engaging in the timeless tradition of painting Easter eggs, these creative activities offer more than just artistic expression. They provide a vital source of joy and solace for vulnerable children navigating the challenges of displacement.

children with easter eggs

In times of conflict, moments of joy, compassion, and solidarity become beacons of hope for those displaced from their homes. In the spirit of Easter, let us extend our hands in peace and solidarity to all those affected by war, regardless of faith or background.

These activities were implemented with the support of the State Secretariat for Migration SEM.

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