Health literacy session in RRC Sofia - Ovcha Kupel

It is during childhood and youth that the fundamental cognitive, physical and emotional development processes take place and the core health-related behaviours and skills develop. Good health literacy, therefore should start early in life. In the same time, the arduous and perilous journeys of many migrant children are filled with all sorts of hazards, and infectious diseases are among the main ones.

an IOM social worker in front of an audience of unaccompanied children

In relation to the above, social workers from IOM Bulgaria working at the Safety Zone in RRC Sofia - Ovcha Kupel carried out a health information session for the unaccompanied asylum-seeking minors accommodated in the Safety Zone. The children were informed about the danger that various forms of infectious diseases pose, what are the steps for prevention as well as the importance of maintaining good personal hygiene.

This activity was implemented within the framework of the project “Support for unaccompanied minors, seeking international protection” funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2020 under the Programme “Home Affairs”.

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