An inspiring meeting for the unaccompanied asylum-seeking minors at RRC Sofia - Voenna Rampa

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There is no story more inspiring than the one coming from real life A boy who set out in an unknown direction, driven by the circumstances in his home country, managed to overcome all hardship, change his life and settle in Bulgaria.

Aghagul - a young man from Afghanistan

This very boy visited the Safety Zone at RRC Sofia - Voenna Rampa and met the unaccompanied minors accommodated there. The story of how he travelled for 8 months, crossing many countries and finally settling and integrating in Bulgaria, aroused an undisguised interest and enthusiasm in the other children who themselves have set out to seek peace and happiness venturing into the unknown.

Aghagul during a game of cricket

The ensuing game of cricket, with him, charged them with hopes and spirit to win even more. For apart from success and friends in Bulgaria, Aghagul (that's the name of the hero in this real story), is also part of the National Cricket Team of Bulgaria.

Unaccompanied minors during a game of cricket

A lot of what was told and experienced today will leave a mark on the children, but one statement of his will surely be remembered and followed for a long time. He said "the environment and the people you spend time with are who you start to look like”.

Unaccompanied children playing cricket

The Safety Zones are managed within the framework of the project “Support for unaccompanied minors, seeking international protection” funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2020 under the Programme “Home Affairs”.