IOM Bulgaria Extends Support to Ukrainian Refugees in Plovdiv

In an effort to aid those affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine, an IOM Bulgaria team embarked on a three-day field visit to Bulgaria’s second largest city - Plovdiv. This journey provided an opportunity to engage with individuals and families who have fled the ravages of war, extending various forms of assistance to alleviate their hardships.

Ukrainian refugees in Plovdiv

During our time in Plovdiv, our team of dedicated social workers prioritized meeting the immediate needs of the displaced population. Recognizing the disruption caused to children's education due to displacement, we distributed essential school supplies kits to ensure that youngsters can continue their learning journey despite the challenges they face.

IOM social workers delivering assistance to refugees

Moreover, we understand the strain that displacement places on families, particularly concerning access to nutritious meals. To address this, our team distributed food vouchers, providing families with the means to secure vital sustenance during this challenging period. In our commitment to leaving no one behind, we conducted vulnerability screenings to identify individuals and families in dire need of support. Subsequently, we offered essential financial assistance to those most at risk, aiming to provide a lifeline during their time of need.

A woman from Ukraine with her daughter receiving food fouchers

Furthermore, we acknowledged the importance of access to healthcare, particularly for individuals with chronic illnesses. As such, we ensured the procurement and distribution of vital medicines, guaranteeing that those with ongoing health concerns receive the necessary treatment. These efforts underscore our dedication to standing in solidarity with those displaced by the war in Ukraine. We believe in the importance of holistic support, recognizing that each individual's journey towards rebuilding their lives requires comprehensive assistance.

a child from Ukraine

IOM Bulgaria’s Ukraine Response activities are currently funded by:

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