Bulgaria — Labour Market Integration of Refugees from Ukraine — Q4 Report (October - December 2023)

The new New Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) analysis on labour market integration in Bulgaria is out. The study shows that 57% of refugees from Ukraine in Bulgaria were employed or actively looking for work in Oct-Dec 2023. Engineering, healthcare, sciences, humanities, sales and services among top domains.

Key Findings:

  • Among respondents, 57 per cent are active (employed or unemployed), and 40 per cent are inactive (student status, parental leave, retirement, unemployment and not looking for a job).
  • Within active population, 51 per cent are employed and 34 are unemployed, 9% were daily workers and 6% were self-employed.
  • Key occupations after displacement are in professional roles (30%), services and sales (24%) and elementary occupations (13%)
  • 75% of working-age stayers do not know the local language. Among working-age stayers without any knowledge of the local language (76%), 37 per cent are employed and 59 per cent are unemployed (4% unknown).
  • 71% of male respondents were satisfied and 67% of female respondents were satisfied.
  • Top reasons for unemployment and not looking for a job*: family duties (63%), medical conditions (11%), no need for job (10%).

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